Crystal Labyrinth


ARABESQUE     ~ THE MYSTICAL  ~ Swirling, intertwined aspects reveal an ancient spirituality & influence to our lives, this helps our true intuition

BAGUA             PROSPERITY  ~ A steadying influence that helps in the accumulation of wealth. It creates strong substantial rainbows.

BELL                ~  JOYHelps lift your spirit & reminds you of the innocence of life.

BRIOLETTE      ~  PURITY  ~   This shape signifies the beauty of the diamond cut stone. Because “diamonds are forever” & are the purest of pure, we also touch the sense of being pure ourselves when we reflect the beauty of the briolette.

CROSS            ~  PERMANENCE. Creates a sense of peace & love & thus destroys any barriers of hostility.

DAHLIA           ~  COLOURFUL & VIVID  ~  As our dahlias create an enjoyment and value in providing a riot of colour from mid-summer to the first frosts, this crystal shape promotes your vivid personality, encouraging you to stand out from the crowd, which can only be a good thing.

DEWDROP     ~  HAPPINESS & FRIENDSHIP  ~   Helps with fertility & the abundance of life!

DROPLET       ~  INNOCENCE  ~  Helps you connect to the confidence of your inner being & also helps ground you with the earth.

ECLIPSE         ~  DREAMCATCHER  ~  Encourages the power of the subconscious to help understand your dreams

HEART            ~  ROMANTIC LOVE ~ COMPASSION ~ SPIRITUAL AWAKENING  ~  A heart in the bedroom will help strengthen an existing relationship. Wearing a crystal heart will draw more love into your life.

LATTICA         ~  HEALING  ~  The aspirational shape inspires the higher & finer energies of healing.

LEAF               ~  WARMTH  ~  Healing.  Transformative energy. This natural shape can absorb negativity & transform it positively.

MOON            ~  EMOTION & UNCONSCIOUS  ~  A deeply sensitive & moving crystal, the moon will help put you in touch with your feelings.

OLOID            ~  ENCOURAGING  ~  Expands the mind with its obtuse shape & encourages one to think great thoughts

OLYMPIAN     ~  INSPIRATION  ~  Ideal for meditation. This inspired shape helps raise your consciousness beyond the everyday tedium of life.

OVAL              ~  LOVE, RESPECT & LOYALTY  ~  Can bring two people closer together & strengthen relationships.

PENDULUM      USED FOR DOWSING – THE ANCIENT ART OF DIVINATION  ~  Energy is focused to the point of the pendulum. The motion will help you contact your inner power.

SATURN           ~  CLARITY  ~  A symbol of harmony. Empowers inner harmony & clarity of heart.

SNOWFLAKE   INSIGHT ~  Reaffirm your own uniqueness with the beautiful geometry of the ice particle.

SPHERE            ~  HEALING  ~  This extremely popular crystal generates a feeling of abundance & well-being. It’s many facets reflect a shower of tiny rainbows. It also deflects negative chi’ energy

SQUARE           BALANCED CLARITY  ~  Harmony. Helps you to focus your mind so that you can make important decisions.

STAR                 ~  GOOD LUCK  ~  Used on the material level to enhance worldly fame and fortune. On a deeper level it is associated with alchemy & magic. It will help you find more spiritual confidence.

STARFISH         GOOD FORTUNE  ~  A jewel of the ocean, filled with mystery & magic. Symbolises good fortune, wealth & the discovery of our own untapped inner resources.

TEARDROP      CALM  ~  This crystal will help realign you to your earth energies.

TWISTER          POSITIVITY  ~  An energising and dynamic crystal to enhance good fortune and positive opportunities in life.

WAND              FEMININE INTUITION  ~  Soothing energy . Traditionally associated witchcraft, it will help you to harness the subtle energies of the earth.

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