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The flame of a candle is a very powerful & mystical element, & perhaps the most beautiful of magical tools.  It is an Ancient Art & has been used as a part of ritual since the days of the Roman Empire.  Most old spells usually call for beeswax candles to be used, which are generally considered to be the best due to the close association with nature - remember, the bee is a symbol of industry with a rich & full life.

Beeswax candles are considered essential by old spell books, but today they can be expensive & are therefore not a hard & fast rule with regular spell-casting.

At Crystal Labyrinth a pair of 4-inch beeswax tapers is just 99p making spell casting a lot cheaper!  When purchasing your candles make sure they are free from cracks & breakages:   A broken candle will break the power.

*       Try & buy loose candles rather than boxed sets. Check the ‘feel’ of the candle, whether it is hard or soft, as you may need to inscribe your candle - the softer it is, the better for magical use.

*       Store your candles in a box, lined with soft fabric to protect them.  

*       The best candle-holders are made from brass, pewter, pottery or metal, as glass or wood may be dangerous!

*       Most spells use more than one candle, so be sure to have a few candle holders at the ready in your home.  



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There will always be debate over colour correspondences & how colours should be used in ‘magical spell casting.’  This is your spell, so learn to go by your own instinct.    Below Are Suggested Colour Correspondences:


WHITE:                            Purity, cleansing, childhood, innocence, truth & protection.

SILVER:                            For spells of femininity, moon power & the night.

GREY:                              Cancellations, anger, greed & envy.

BLACK:                            Strong banishing, bindings, cleansing, limitations, loss, confusion, & defining boundaries.

BROWN:                          Neutrality, stability, strength, grace, decision-making, pets & family issues.

RED:                                           All love aspects, & courage in adversity.

ORANGE:                         Adaptability, a zest for life, energy & imagination.

YELLOW / GOLD:             Masculinity, sun power & daylight hours.  Communication, psychic ability, creativity, attraction, examinations & tests.

GREEN:                            Finance, security, employment, career, fertility & luck.

BLUE:                               Calmness, tranquillity, patience, understanding, & good health.

DEEP BLUE:                       Healing, wisdom, knowledge, dream interpretations, & dreamscaping: using your dreams in a magical way to solve problems, find answers etc.

PURPLE:                            Power, mild banishing, ambition, inner strength, business success, & physical fitness.

PINK:                               Honour, friendship, virtue, morality, success & contentment.


Experiment with colours & combinations as you work through several tasks.

Visualise & focus with clarity: go with the flow & you will enjoy the power of your spell!

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