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4 Inch Chime Candles

4 Inch Chime Candles

4 Inch Chime or Spell Candles

These are paraffin wax candles with a 9/16" diameter.  (metric measurement - 100mm x 14mm)  
The candle colour is throughout the candle, hence the wax is softer & easier to ply into a holder.   Here is a wheel of the availale colours.  

Price : 75 pence p/pair
special price for 21 pairs - £15.00 ( one pair FREE!)
 - choose your colours below.

All candles are sold in pairs, joined at the wicks.  These candles burn for approximately one hour, giving the opportunity to use them for an hours' length meditation.  When they have burnt through there is nothing left of the wax at all.   

We sell both metal & pottery holders in Ironbridge, do enquire via email if you require holders for these candles, as it's not so easy to find the correct size holders for these half inch spell candles. We will be showing our range of holders later in the season, thanks for your patience.

  Always be careful when using candles in the  home 



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