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Beeswax candles

Although the year has lacked the full quota of bees buzzing about, we stilll have some beeswax candles for sale.

The wax used is from Yorkshire bees, but they are still being made in Cumbria for the Crystal Labyrinth. 

We stock various beeswax candles in the shop; below is what’s presently available online.   

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General information about Beeswax Candles

They’re more  healthy. Paraffin candles, especially scented with synthetic fragrance oils, can increase indoor air pollution. Synthetic fragrances are commonly used to scent most candles and contain phthalates to stabilize and enhance the scent. Phthalates are a common hazardous chemical known to cause harmful abnormalities, birth defects and reproductive problems. Candles made from beeswax emit a sweet, subtle honey-like fragrance and burn soot-free.

They Help Protect Bees. Bees are threatened from development, pollution, climate change, and pesticides. When we lose bees, we also risk losing all the crops they pollinate. Buying candles made from pure beeswax helps keep bees alive by protecting beehives and the fields bees visit to gather pollen.

They’re Better for the Environment. Unlike paraffin candles, beeswax candles do not rely on any petroleum products. Unlike soy, beeswax production does not require the sole use of large areas of agricultural land. Instead, it supports crop pollination for a healthy food supply around the world.

They Make a Better Candle. Unlike soy, palm and paraffin wax, natural beeswax is used essentially in its native state. There is no bleaching or hydrogenating. Beeswax does not go rancid, has a very long shelf life, and won’t melt or distort.

They Don’t Drip. Beeswax candles are mostly dripless, so you won’t be cleaning wax off a table or tablecloth.

They Burn For a Long Time. 100% pure beeswax naturally burns up to three times longer than paraffin. Many other candle waxes have different degrees of toxic additives to produce longer burn times. Soy wax candles can be long burning by using additives or by providing only a small white flame.

They’re Pretty. Candles come in a natural golden honey color, but they may also be naturally colored in green, red, and other colours. Plus, they come in lots of shapes and sizes. Those include tall tapers for candlesticks, short and tall pillars for centerpieces and dramatic groupings, cute animals like bears and angels, spirals, pinecones, trees, beehives, balls, cubes, votives, and tea lights.

Giant Stubby

Giant Stubby

A longer wider candle which needs a larger holder. 8 inches by 1 ¾ inches : 24 hours burning time..


Slim Taper Candles

Slim Taper Candles

These slim beeswax candles unbelievably burn for 4 hours each, thereby a pair will last for 8 hours ..


Standard Taper Candles

Standard Taper Candles

Standard solid beeswax candles will fit any standard candle holder. Measurement : 9 x 7/8 inches ..


Stumpie Candle

Stumpie Candle

A stumpie candle is short and wide - measuring 4 inches tall  by 1 3/4 inches wide at the base. ..


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