Crystal Labyrinth

  • Solid Candle Taper Pair - 9 inch

Crystal Labyrinth hold a full spectrum of 40 shades of tapered candles.

These are paraffin wax candles with a 7/8" diameter. What is meant by the term ‘solid colour’ is that colours run the whole way through the candle giving it extra strength when you place the candle in your holder.  Other candles that are only colour coated have a tendancy to chip & spoil when trying to push them into a candle holder.  Our candles tend not to chip or split as they are solid wax and therefore softer to manipulate into holders, or you can slightly warm the base for a sung fit.  Each pair of candles are wrapped individually making sure wax is not scraped as they are transported.  All of thee standard candles are sold in pairs, joined at the wicks.

The candles are made in batches, therefore when you select an order, they will be as close to the colour ordered as possible.

Our 9 inch standard candles burn for approximately 8-9 hours, however you may find they actually burn for longer, especially if they're not burnt all at once.  Giving a candle time to solidify will enhance it's length of life!




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Solid Candle Taper Pair - 9 inch

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